Grant Gives, along with our friends at Evenchilada, is hosting a virtual Murder Mystery (aka Clue) - along with some fun Trivia - and YOU are invited! Buy a ticket, get your zoom info, and prepare to sleuth and solve a crime! 



Event Details
Date: Saturday, March 13th, 2021
Start Time: 5.30 pm Pacific
Event Type: Mini Trivia & Murder Mystery
Duration: 1.5 hours (2.hours max.)



Want to team up? Get your detectives together! Just buy your own ticket, let us know who you want to team up with - up to 5 or 6 allowed in a break-out room - and list your teammates in ticket sales! Your teammates need to buy individual tickets too.


Want to "go it alone"? No problem! We will set you up with a team of "private eyes" to solve the mystery!



Can you solve the mystery? Everyone is a suspect! Maybe it’s YOU...


A virtual event to die for...

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Event Info

March 13, 2021
5:30 PM (PST)